About Us

Launa Clark – Founder/Director of Motivention

Launa is passionate about helping people see their own potential to make small changes for a big difference in the lives of those around them. She has worked a majority of her career with professionals serving young children & families as well as post secondary education in the Early Learning programs. Her current work includes working with Early Child Development Support Services and some Alberta's ECD coalitions, First 2000 Days ECD Network, Café Institute and Motivention to support the communities of energy around the importance of the early years and the power of play.

Louise Booker

Louise is a 25 year veteran in the area of early human development and has been acknowledged as a visionary and leader in her field. Her passion and influence to raise the bar of excellence and creativity in her work with professionals and young children has been acknowledged province wide. Her complimentary passion as a volunteer with the Edmonton Folk Music Festival and the Dance Enhance Society keeps her connected to community and families through the arts.

Favorite quote

"...and sometimes it is good that we look for a way to depart from our text and get carried away."

Goodnight Opus by Berkeley Breathed

Kathy Crothers

Kathy's passion life for people is rarely surpassed by anyone. She is a true community developer, give her five minutes and she will know most of the people in the room. She values and honors the stories and emotions of everyone she meets and brings out the playful in everyone. She has a passion for "the kids" and will be a voice for the silent population in any circumstance. She has worked with researchers, home visitation, health, human services, and municipalities always creating a new energy and positive direction wherever she goes. Kathy will infuse your next event with energy, passion and playfulness.